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Novels by Jodae'a

P. O. Box 3376 S. Crater Road 

Petersburg Virginia 23805-9998

NBJ Book Store

NBJ Book Store

Careful What You PREY For by Jodaea


"Sometimes it's best to leave well enough alone!"

     Nestled along the Tar River in North Carolina, sets the town of Barrett's Cove, the jewel of Barrett County and home to Barrett County Prosecutor, Vivian Washington. Vivian is savvy, confident, gorgeous, and used to getting what she and out of the courtroom. With an impressive courtroom demeanor and record, Vivian has won over the people of Barrett's Cove. For them, Vivian's word IS the law. From the outside looking in, it seems like she has the world in the palm of her hands. That is, until she meets Barrett's Cove's newest detective, Adrian Porter.

     A mysterious and elusive transplant from Wake County, North Carolina, Detective Porter and his wife, Monica are eagerly looking forward to making a fresh start in the small town. However old habits die hard and soon, the Porter household is back in the dark place they tried so hard to get out of. 

     After a lackluster first meeting, Vivian is determined to make an impression on Adrian and lure him into her life and her bed! Ignoring the warnings of her friends, family, and even Adrian himself to leave him alone, Vivian continues on her deviant quest to make Adrian her latest sexual conquest. As she begins to exert her prosecutorial power over Adrian's career and marriage, things between her and the Porters quickly spiral out of control and morphs into a bloody test of wills only one of them will live to tell about!



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